A strong blonde beer that seduces with a smooth flavour

The display can hold 36 packs of four 33-cl bottles

Our brand-new display for Filou, a regional Belgian beer, has become a real eye-catcher! As always, Catherine and her team listened to our needs and came up with an innovative design. The display can hold 36 packs of four 33-cl bottles. There is also space for glasses, which is ideal for promotions where we offer a free glass with qualifying purchases of Filou beer. This versatile design offered a very aesthetically pleasing way to market our stock. We have already received plenty of ‘Filoumenal’ feedback on the unique look and feel of our display.

  • Sector: Brewing
  • Year: 2020
  • Production: Cardboard, offset in Kontich
  • Client brief: The client wanted a creative quarter-pallet display that would showcase Filou and radiate dynamism.
  • Solution: Briefing from scratch. The first 3D models were built and immediately won over the client! Once a blank model had been tested, production was launched.
  • Production run: 2,000 units per year