Thinkerbell & SodaStream

A sparkling partnership

SodaStream x Pepsi

SodaStream was seeking a partner who could produce the POS materials for its latest campaign with PepsiCo and distribute these materials to 14 different retailers. This posed a technical and logistical challenge that gave Thinkerbell’s teams another chance to sparkle.

SodaStream needed 2,800 displays and a host of other POS materials (see below) to promote the six new drink mixes it had developed with PepsiCo. “SodaStream was looking for a reliable partner to manage all aspects of the project, which included producing the displays as well as a considerable logistical component,” says Lieve Nolmans, Account Manager at Thinkerbell. “We were able to adopt a smart, holistic approach to this challenge thanks to one of our key strengths: flexibility.”

From design to filling the displays

Thinkerbell initially took care of the creative concept and design of:

  • Quarter-pallet displays
  • Full-pallet displays
  • Theatralisation displays
  • Totems
  • Arches
  • Shelf banners
  • Wobblers
  • Posters
  • Forex topcards

Thinkerbell also handled logistics, assembly, filling and distribution to the various points of sale. “It was vital that we had one partner for all these aspects,” confirms Kristof Maes, Brand & Trade Marketing Manager Belux at SodaStream. “However, logistics posed the biggest headache, as the campaign was huge and the displays had to be delivered to over a dozen different retailers.”

14 retailers, three logistics chains

Each retailer had its own logistics chain, so the delivery and assembly of the displays required a lot of flexibility and expertise. These are two of Thinkerbell’s defining qualities, and this project gave us another chance to prove it, more specifically thanks to our excellent teamwork with Werminval, a sheltered workshop in Antwerp, which was responsible for filling some of the displays. Everything went off without a hitch, with all materials being delivered to 14 retailers across three logistics chains.

“We chose to work with Thinkerbell because we knew they were very flexible and someone we could trust,” adds Kristof. “Their one-stop-shop approach provides much needed peace of mind when it comes to campaigns like this. What’s more, Thinkerbell’s entire production process aims to limit their carbon footprint, in particular by using water-based inks and making use of rainwater alone. This sustainability is close to our hearts at SodaStream and is the cornerstone of our product.”

The SodaStream/PepsiCo campaign was rolled out in early June 2021 and has had a major positive impact for the brand.